How we work

reForm believes that well-designed buildings and spaces are vital for successful and sustainable towns and communities. All good design must be functional, but it must also be humane and be well loved by its clients, users and the wider community. This benefits everyone and enriches our shared culture, and is only achievable if the needs and challenges of the client are fully understood from the outset.

Our approach is to consider each project and each Client’s needs as unique. We then adopt a rigorous but highly creative approach to bring out the maximum value in each specific circumstance. The right balance of financial, environmental, logistical, social and cultural value is achieved through our highly collaborative, ‘can do’ attitude.

The impact of design on the environment is greater than ever before, for better or worse. We now have the knowledge and capabilities to ensure that our design decisions have a positive impact, and help create a sustainable world.

reForm’s Directors and the reForm team have extensive experience of designing housing, commercial, education and transport projects in the UK and Europe, winning numerous RIBA, Civic Trust, CABE and international awards.