Avondale Square Begins on Site Residential

Avondale Square, our 18 unit social housing scheme with new community centre and estates office has just begun on site.

Following the demolition of the existing disused community centre, this new seven storey brick building with its colourful private recessed balconies will pop up in the demolished buildings place.

This clean, crisply detailed brick box will look simple and beautiful from the outside. Private balconies and living spaces face the South East maximizing the sunlight available into each apartment. This simple clean façade has been achieved because the internal layouts work hard with the proportions of the site. The units receive dual aspect daylighting in order to comply with the Mayor of London standards. All but 5 of the apartments are duplex and they all interlock with each other to give us this maximized use of light.

We are really excited to see how the next year goes and will be continuing to work closely with Osborne’s site team in an effort to maximize the potential of this social housing scheme.